Saturday, April 10, 2010


I cannot believe I never posted this. Sorry!

We spent a beautiful 5 nights in Whistler. Neither of us have ever been and our first trip can only be described as wonderful! We stayed in a gorgeous condo just outside of the village. Three stories, 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, gourmet kitchen, hot tub, etc, etc. We were the first guests to EVER stay there! There were certainly a few kinks (i.e. the in-wall espresso maker wasn't hooked up yet), but they more than made up for it with our additional 10% refund. Score!

Mark is a tremendously amazing cook. We ate like kings the entire trip. He warns us that we'll just do snacks and nothing major for Tuesday nights dinner and what does he come up with? Toasted baguette with sauteed peppers and onions, prosciutto wrapped mangos, shrimp and homemade cocktail sauce, and of course, fresh brie. Are you drooling yet? Because it gets better. The next nights included baked mostacholi (aka the best dinner ever after a long hard day on the slopes), salmon with risotto and artichokes, ribs, and the most delicious filet wrapped in bacon. SO yummy! We had starters like fresh tossed salad with homemade raspberry vinaigrette and sweet potato soup with shrimp. It was a great trip and I haven't even mentioned anything outside of the condo yet!

Don't even get me started on the wine. Just don't.

The mountains, both Blackcomb and Whistler, are beautiful. There are more runs on those two mountains than I have ever seen. In the three days we spent on the hill, we couldn't possibly see them all. There are a number of lodges on the mountains too, that was really cool. You don't have to go all the way to the bottom for lunch. Some are larger, like the Roundhouse Lodge on Whistler mountain, and others are tiny chalets sprinkled all over both mountains. We were lucky enough to have fresh snow 2 of the 3 days. We both did great! Jeremy is definitely more adventurous than me, but I still managed to push a limit... or 12. The coolest part? You can take lifts to the peaks of both mountains! You cannot believe the amazing view from the top. I've heard it explained to me and words do not do it justice. You're just going to have to take the ride and discover it for yourself.

The village is really fun too (a little pricey though...). Lots of restaurants and little shops. Next time we go we'd love to stay in the village where all the action is.

We had a great time. It was a week filled with great company, delicious food, fresh air, a scenery to die for. I cannot wait to go back.

Just in case you missed the photos on Sweetpea's Snapshots.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Jeremy and I took our first trip to Cabela's today! Our shopping list included hiking boots, a sleeping bag, and a sleeping pad. What did we come home with?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

3 Years Ago Today...

...I did the most exciting load of laundry in my life. That load of laundry changed our existance as we knew it. It contained... my engagement ring.

3 years later and we're just months away from celebrating our second wedding anniversary. I'm married to my best friend and soul mate.

I have to say, this wife thing is a pretty good gig.

I love you, Jeremy.

Sunday, February 28, 2010


We just returned from a last minute trip to Arizona. Irv, Jeremy's Grandfather, passed away early Monday morning. The service was very nice. It was held in the activity room at the retirement community that he and Grandma live in. Other than the circumstance for which we were all there, we had a great time seeing our family. We visited, ate, played cards, ate more (it was definitely the theme of the week :), hiked, and I had to opportunity to take a lot of pictures. It was great to have everyone together again. We certainly don't do it often enough.

During our hike at Madera Canyon:

Monday, February 15, 2010

Check out my new blog!

A girl picks up a camera a falls in love. So that makes her a photographer? Of course not! But, I've got to start somewhere. I thought it would be fun to chronicle my journey and share it with friends and family. I'd love for you to check it out. Feel free to 'follow' and keep track of my progress. I would love your comments or suggestions.

It's a work in progress, so thank you for your patience!

Sweetpea's Snapshots

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cabin in the Woods


We spent the 4day weekend at a cabin in the woods.

Friday we took our time crossing the mountain. We stopped at Twede's in North Bend. This is the restaurant featured in the TV show Twin Peaks. We had tasty burgers and picked up a cherry pie for the cabin. After a short grocery trip (we always buy too much food!) we were back on I-90 heading east.

The cabin was in Ronald, WA just outside of Roslyn (Anyone seen Northern Exposure? It was shot here). It was gorgeous! Log furniture, stone fireplaces, the works!

We spent Saturday romping in the snow. The sledding hill was right across the culdesac! We spent hours inner tubing, riding the quad and snowmobile, and playing with the dogs in the snow. We wore ourselves, and the dogs, out.

Sunday was for relaxation. After a huge and delicious breakfast we lounged for most of the morning. Watching TV and playing Wii. The girls went into Roslyn for the afternoon. We visited a cute small art gallery, took pictures, and had a beer at The Brick. The Brick is Washington's first bar! It was a neat old place. The town is small, but it has a deep history. It was fun to do a little exploring.

Monday morning came too fast. Before we knew it we were packing up and hitting the road for the long (2hr) drive home. We are rested, and worn out, in the best way. It was an excellent way to spend a long weekend.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Congratulations, Erik and Sherrie!

Last night Jeremy and I stayed in downtown Bellevue for Erik and Sherrie's wedding. It was a small an intimate ceremony. They did a great job individualizing such an important day. They were both equally represented in everything from the location, decor, and the ceremony.

Sherrie had more faith than I deserved and asked me to do her flowers. I made her bouquet, one for her Matron of Honor, and 12-13 centerpieces. Thankfully Sherrie has very classic taste and I was able to simply work with white roses. I think they came together well and everyone seemed to really like them.

We are so very happy for both Erik and Sherrie and are honored to be a part of their big day. It's not often that you see two individuals so fit for one another. We are lucky to have them as such good friends and look forward to watching them continue to build their lives together.

Congrats you two!