Saturday, October 20, 2012

Two Months!

Yesterday our Lily turned two months old! I know we say it constantly, but the time is just flying by. I will say that at the same token, we have a hard time imagining our lives before she was around.

Lily is changing constantly. We've got quite a tall little girl on our hands. She's so very expressive. We could spend hours just watching her face. From her already infectious smile, to her furrowed brow when she's investigating something new, to he pouty bottom lip when she gives her tired cry...

She's growing like a weed. For a couple of weeks now she's been able to stand! We have to hold her up for balance, but she bears her full weight on her legs. Her neck is getting stronger all the time. She holds her head up pretty well most of the time. Only sagging when she gets tired.

This past Thursday we hit another fun milestone - her first official giggle! We cannot wait for her to use that more often.

At 6 weeks, Lily and I met with another lactation consultant and we learned that Lily was tongue-tied. She had her tongue clipped (a frenotomy) and we've seen major strides in her breast feeding. At almost 9 weeks, we're finally getting into the swing of things.

It is just in time too, because this next week is my last week before I go back to work. The time has just flown by, but we're ready to settle into our routine.

Here's Lily at 2 months!