Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One Month Check Up

Lily had a great check up with Dr. Haugen yesterday.

11 pounds (82nd percentile)
23 1/2 inches long (100th percentile)
15 inch head circumference (89th percentile)

She's a healthy girl!

Lily does quite a bit of spitting up, but the doc had no concerns. She's gaining good weight so we'll just keep doing laundry!

We've been working through some breast feeding struggles the last few weeks. It has been a hard few weeks and an exhausting couple of days, but I hope we're on the mend (FINALLY), but only time will tell. One thing I've learned is that this stuff isn't always as intuitive as you'd think. I should have asked for help sooner. Because my support system is awesome. It's not necessary to make it harder by going it alone.

We live and learn, right?

The important thing is that Lily is healthy and frankly, amazing. She's starting to smile socially, to coo and find her (loud!) voice, she even found the mobile on her swing - it was a fun moment to watch her discover. Lily loves getting baths and even better, taking them with her mama! She's an excellent sleeper and a champion snuggler.

We hit the baby jackpot.

Monday, September 17, 2012

4 Weeks!

I'm not certain how it happened, but Lily is four weeks old!

Lily has changed so much since we brought her home. She spends so much more time alert and looking at the world. She is turned into a pretty good sleeper at night and all around we're getting a routine down. Best of all, she is a Grade A snuggler. In fact, I am forced to type this with one hand because I just cannot put her down!

This last week held a really great milestone - smiles! Babies are born smiling, but it can take time for them to smile socially. Our little overachiever is at it! When in the right mood she responds to kisses and even the occasional silly face. It isn't consistent, but we'll take each one we can get!

Isn't she perfect?