Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mommies with Cents

Okay, first and foremost - don't let the title fool you. No, I'm not a mom (unless you count my fur-child Harley Ray)!

Mommies with Cents is a website started by a couple of cool ladies. One of which happens to be one of my favorite people - Holly. Their site provides all kinds of information for people (obviously their focus is on mom's) that are budget conscious. Every day there are new updates for big sales, discounts, budget friendly recipes, etc etc etc. One of their recent updates is to win a handbag! I know, you are all shocked that I would need another bag, right?? Shh! I'm hoping Jeremy doesn't read this and call Holly! :)

Take a minute and scope them out - I promise it's worth it! (Check out the link to the left people! )

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