Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baby Oliver

Wow, what an amazing story this boy will have. Last night, my dear friend Jamie gave birth to her (and her husband Derek's) first child, a baby boy named Oliver Cash. Words cannot begin to describe the joy that we all feel for Jamie and Derek. A number of years ago they were told that biological children would more than likely not be an option for them. However, they have managed to change their story. Perhaps it was their hope and desire to have children. Or perhaps the Cosmo’s finally realized they'd made a mistake. I won't ever question how or why Oliver came to us, I will always just be happy that he is here.

As usual, my thoughts on this particular subject (as they are with most others), are very similar to Rachel's. She wrote an amazing letter to Oliver last night that I wanted to share. I could not even begin to more accurately account for how special this day is. She so eloquently described how deserving Jamie and Derek are of this miracle and how happy we are as friends and family to be apart of their amazing story.

Oliver Cash

I cannot wait to meet this little man (hopefully today!). He is a miracle. With all else that is completely wrong in this world, he is right. That makes everything else a little easier to live with.

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