Thursday, March 24, 2011


To continue the theme of playing catch up, I thought I would continue with updates from 2011.

For the past 4 years, I have been participating on my company's Community Involvement Committee. This year, I was asked to step up and become its Chairman! I was flattered and honored to take up the post. Our company does a great deal of good in our community and to be involved in that is incredibly satisfying. I am learning a lot and continue to be amazed by the giving spirits of those I work with.

Also along the work front, I have accepted a new position! Starting on Monday I will officially be working in Human Resources. I leave almost 6 years of management for a new adventure. I'm nervous to learn something new, but very excited to start this new chapter.

On February 5th, Whitney turned 21! ::sniff:: She's all grown up now. ::sniff::

Speaking of all grown up, our little Lacey May (introduced here), turned one on January 19th! She's not that squishy little ball of white fur and extra puppy skin anymore!
Lacey - 14months
The past few months have been filled with planning for our upcoming trip to Europe. It will be a first for the both of us and we're incredibly excited. We will be spending time in London and Ireland. Including a stay in Waterford Castle! I will share our itinerary and of course the photos when we return.

That about catches us up to present day. Stay tuned for more on our escapades!

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