Monday, February 27, 2012

16 Weeks

I am feeling really great starting my 16th week! This week I've seen some of my food aversions mellow out, which meant I have happily welcomed chicken back into my life. We are tired of eating junk and ready to get back to our (mostly) healthy habits.

The babe is about 4 1/2 inches long (crown to rump), weighs in at about 3.5oz, and is about the size of an avocado. This week our babe's eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair are filing in. But my favorite highlight - the tiny bones are forming in the baby's ears. This means that he/she can now pick up our voices!

They also say that it can be anytime now that I will first feel the baby move. A girlfriend of mine said that she felt her daughter in her 16th week! Now, I'll just have to see if I can tell the difference between this kiddo and gas. :)

I really feel like I am starting to round out a bit. It's still subtle, but the bump is getting there!

I thought I'd throw in a bonus goofy one, just for fun!

I must say, maternity pants are a truly fine invention. That is, when you're not hiking them up every 5 minutes. You may notice I'm in front of a beautiful blank wall this week... That's because Jeremy so lovingly disassembled and removed the bed that used to be in the room we will be turning into a nursery! The room is now almost empty and we'll be ready to start putting it back together. My weekly photos will now feature a bit of the progress!

We spent time with a lot of friends this weekend and are so very grateful that this baby is already so well loved. We are so fortune and we appreciate all of your support and well wishes. It means to world to the three of us!


  1. I loved the elastic waist maternity pants that didn't have the huge panel. I never had to hike them up. Maybe you could check into some of those. I got all mine at Old Navy :)

  2. Ohhhh you need to get a Bella band! At target! They hold your pants up and the when you are further along they help support your belly. And then after your kiddo, your regular pants aren't gonna fit right away, it helps then too! You can wear your regular pants with the button and even zip undone!

    They were life savers for me!

    Yay for chicken again!!!