Wednesday, June 19, 2013

10 Months

Today Lily is 10 months old. 5/6ths of a year. It is now safe to say she's almost ONE. While she has waved off and on, today was the first day she waved bye-bye from the Goodbye Window at daycare. My big girl, with both hands pressed against the glass, pulled one away to wave at me while I backed away toward the car. She looked so big in that moment. It is amazing to watch her grow. I'm constantly in wonder at the things she learns and does. 

Daycare is still a place she loves and still such a hard thing for me to do every day. I miss her terribly and feel somedays like I am missing so much. We just try and focus in the many benefits that daycare provides. Especially for her learning.

More and more Lily is turning into a functional, and semi-coordinated, little human. She is making her opinions known, she gabs all the time, and does things to intentionally get a laugh (yup, she's my kid alright!). She is such a good baby. If we were to doubt that for even a moment, everywhere we go we are reminded by friends, family, coworkers, and perfect strangers how lovely, well behaved, and sweet she really is. Even when we are traveling, off her schedule and in a new place, she always manages to share her sweet giggles.

Lily is cruising along. Crawling like a maniac, walking well along the furniture, and standing against anything she can touch, including poor Lacey! Often trying to let go and stand on her own. She is currently doing a lot to experiment with the volume of her voice, whispering and screeching. Babbles lots of 'mama' 'baba 'nana', but her favorite is for her sweet 'dada'. She is making more complex sounds that resemble 'daddy' and 'baby'. We just crack up when she accentuates her ramblings by talking with her hands, even pointing fingers when she shouts. 

We do have a baby foodie on our hands. She loves food and has yet to refuse anything. She eats almost everything we do. With the exception being anything sweet, salty, over processed, or greasy. Her pincher grasp and hand-to-mouth coordination has really improved. She's also actually eating a lot more of the food instead of just playing. 

This 10 months has been a lot of things. Learning to be a parent is hard. It's sleepless night, uncertainty, worry, feelings of failure or inadequacy. But amidst its challenges is an overwhelming sense of joy. The immense privilege of getting to be Lily's mom is enough to outweigh any tough day. Not for a moment do we take our little blessing for granted. 

We love you sweet Lily Bean. Forever and ever.

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