Thursday, February 21, 2013

6 Months

On Tuesday we celebrated our sweet Lily's half birthday! 6 whole months.

It was a big month for Lily! Her 'vocabulary' is greatly expanding to many many more babbles and squeals. She learned to sit up all on her own and really enjoys playing with the big kids at daycare this way. Lily had her first (two) big colds and now recognizes the nasal aspirator when it is near... Boy she hates that thing! She has tried a number of new foods, including apple, yellow bell pepper, cucumber, and cantaloupe. Avocado is next up!

She's doing very well at daycare and loves playing with the kids. It's great to see her smile when she gets there. You can just see her observing and studying the kids. It's wonderful!

This last weekend was especially exciting, Lily had her first airplane ride! She and I flew down to Southern California to stay with one of our very favorite friends, Susan, and her gorgeous family. While we had a lot of stuff to juggle (I'm not known for packing light), Lily was a dream. She got compliments on being so well behaved and everyone went out I their way to help us. There is a lot of good people in the world. We had a fantastic time with our friends. Her son and daughter are such a light in the world. They have crazy toddler energy and are filled with love and sweetness. 1200 miles is a long way, but I'm so happy we are going to make regular effort for them to be in each others lives.

Lily had her 6 month pediatrician appointment yesterday and is the picture of health. Measuring a whopping 18lbs 8.5oz and 27inches tall, she's consistently in about the 85th percentile for both.

Her personality is coming out more and more. She laughs all the time, talks to the dogs, and we think is going to have a great sense of humor, one that will really match her brilliance.

Lily Bean, we love you. We are so proud of the little girl you're growing into and we cannot wait to discover the world by your side. You are so loving and already showing signs of independence. We hope to nurture those traits and watch you grow into the individual you're meant to be. This 6 months went by fast, too fast. Do us a favor and slow down a bit, will you?

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