Monday, April 23, 2012

24 Weeks

As some may already know the 24th week of pregnancy is an important milestone - Viability. While we would never want Lily to arrive so early, should she be born now she would have approximately a 50% chance of survival in the outside world. Many neonatal intensive care units would generally not provide intensive care prior to this point. So again, she needs to keep baking for many many more weeks, but there is a smidgen of comfort in knowing that now she'd have a fighting chance.

Not much went on this week in terms of nursery preparations. I was traveling for work and in Connecticut from Tuesday through Friday. Lily's first pseudo plane rides!

We celebrated Jeremy's birthday this weekend with some of our family and close friends. It was gorgeous weather - perfect for the first fire of the year! All the kiddos were playing in the backyard while us grown ups chatted and hung out in the sunshine. It was the first time many had seen the progress in Lily's room. Jeremy received many many compliments on his hard work! We both love spending quality time with the special people in our lives.

Sunday I spent with Rachel while she taught me to use my new sewing machine. I say 'new' but I've had the machine since before my birthday last year. But, I'm finally putting it to work! Oh the projects I have planned.

Here is the first little project from this afternoon:
A little lovely with ribbons all around the edges. You know how you give a baby a toy and they spend the whole time sucking on the tag? Now she has all the tags she could want! Just made from scraps we had sitting around the house. Now I'm ready to tackle curtains, dresses, and more!

Here I am at 24 weeks:
Really starting to round out and feel pregnant most days. My travels brought with them my first case of swollen feet and ankles. I think as it starts to heat up, I will really need to be sure I'm propping them up more often. But I won't complain, it's all in a days work!

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