Monday, July 9, 2012

35 Weeks

Today marks a fun day in our pregnancy timeline:

35 weeks down / 35 DAYS until our due date.

Doesn't sound like much, does it? Probably because it isn't very long at all. All of the books/phone apps/websites say that she's running out of space in there. No book needs to tell me she's feeling cooped up, I can vouch for that little gem of information personally. If I have sat for too long, or God forbid am getting up after laying down - we're in full waddle mode. I even received my first stranger comment (besides simple, albeit appreciated, congratulations) at the grocery store, "You've got to be almost there!" Yes, ma'am. I think we can officially call this the home stretch.

She's weighing in over 5 pounds (probably about 5 1/4) and is well over 18" long by now. Pick up a honeydew melon or a coconut - that's just about her size. She's got fully functioning kidneys and her liver is already processing some 'waste'. We just love to hear about these final touches coming together. Lily's just got to kick back (literally kicking most of the time) and put on some weight. Basically, she's living the good (even if a bit cramped) life.

We had a short, but sweet, visit with our doctor on Friday. Her heartbeat sounds excellent (about 140bpm) and we both got the stamp of approval. Doc got a good chuckle out of my yawning a half dozen times throughout our brief appointment (at 1:30 in the afternoon no less...) and reassured me that all of my aches and pains are completely normal. To get plenty of rest, try and relax, and to brace myself - cause they're probably not going to feel better until after she's arrived. It was a good pep talk - I'm ready!

In just a couple weeks we will have our final ultrasound, get an idea of her weight, do a final test or two... and then we'll be ready to have a baby! You know, when ever it is that she decides to grace us with her sure-to-be adorable presence. She will probably follow the old cliche 'Always late, but worth the wait.'

Friday evening we had a fun date night. It started with getting our maternity pictures taken! We found a great deal with a local photographer we hadn't used before. He and his wife were wonderful to work with. They made us feel so comfortable. I must say - I do like being behind the lens better. :) Once we get them back, I will be sure to share!

This weekend we also assembled a few more final touches in the nursery, finally installing the mirror and shelf. Just a couple more things to do!
Please, oh please, take pity on a girl with very little left of her higher brain function and just pretend I actually cleaned that mirror in the background before taking a photo of it. I promise my mom taught me better and appreciate you looking the other way on that one.

35 Weeks:


  1. Ahhh!!! You're getting so close! Thanks for giving me this URL. You look great!

  2. I swear it was last month that you announced you were pregnant. So excited for you guys! What a journey you have had and you almost have your little one to cuddle and love and expand the family.