Monday, July 30, 2012

38 Weeks

Another week closer to meeting our Lily!

At 38 Weeks Lily is just under 20 inches long and probably between 6 1/2 and 7 pounds. All of her organs have full matured and she is ready for the outside world. She's not the only one - we're ready too! While we are excited and know that she could arrive at any time - we are preparing for her to take her time. We've had no signs of labor what-so-ever.

Meanwhile we've been really focused on collecting the last few essentials we need before her arrival. I've also had a chance to finish a few projects for her nursery - including her ruffled crib skirt! (yes, FINALLY)

We found an amazing deal on a jogging stroller, ordered a few more diapers, and a number of other little items (crib mattress protector, cover for the changing pad, etc) to finish everything off. Otherwise my week has been filled with loads of baby laundry and organizing her room. With the exception of a few things we're still using, we are also all packed and ready for the hospital!

Here are a few of the items we hung in the nursery:
 A finished crib skirt!!

Our sweet new jogging stroller: (Yes, that second photo is Jeremy chasing our dog through the yard with the stroller. Meanwhile I'm laughing like a lunatic and snapping photos. Oh yeah folks, we're going to be parents. Go ahead and let that sink in...)
And lastly, me, at 38 weeks:

We have a doctors appointment this evening, so we'll reporting anything exciting!


  1. I had 0 signs of labor until I was IN labor, and 5 hrs later I had Stells at 38w exactly. :) It can happen.

    You are SOOO Close!!

  2. Seriously, most AMAZING stroller ever. So glad you got one!

  3. Josey, I could kiss your face. We are READY! Hear that baby Lily?? Stella is hardcore awesomeness, and she came early... just saying!

    Hannah - isn't it though?? I love me some BOB.