Friday, January 9, 2009

New Car!

In early December Jeremy and I bought a new car (SUV to be exact)! We got a Honda CRV and we just love it. It has so many great features (all wheel drive, satellite radio, leather heated seats, sunroof, rear adjustable seats, etc etc etc) and most importantly it gets great gas mileage!

There is one minor downside... we now have a car payment! We paid off both of our cars (and Jeremy's bike) last year and now we're back to making monthly payments. We did get a great deal, but it will be an adjustment!

We could not have had better timing considering the two weeks of snow that followed. I mean how is THAT for luck?? It did phenomenal in the snow too. The only time we slipped at all is when we made it slip in the middle of our street to see how it'd do. A+! Now, I've just got to convince Jeremy to put the racks on so that we're ready to hit the slopes!

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