Monday, January 19, 2009


We finally went snowboarding on Friday night! It was our first trip of the season. The last week we've had an inversion in the northwest where it is cold down at sea level and warm up at the pass, so it was probably 10 degrees warmer up there.

It was unfortunate that it hadn't snowed in awhile because it was pretty icy. That makes getting back into the swing of things a little tricky. For the most part we came home in one piece. Jeremy had one good fall (along with a couple minor ones...) and hurt his butt, and I landed on my knees twice which gave me a honey of a bruise. On the positive side... it was gorgeous up there. The sun was shining, the sunset was beautiful, and we really enjoyed getting outside.

Think snowy thoughts for the mountains because we are ready to go again!

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