Monday, March 16, 2009

Mt. Baker Part II

Holy fresh powder batman! Jeremy, Erik and I arrived at Mt. Baker yesterday at approx. 9:30am. It was just barely snowing at the time, but they'd received 11inches the night before and 5 inches the previous day. Not long after we'd arrived the snow showed back up with a furry! At times (especially at the top of the lift) we could hardly see a thing it was coming down so hard.

We've never been up in powder like this, it was AMAZING. We got in a ton of runs and even some out of bounds adventuring (part of that particular adventure will explain my sore neck, but that's not important...).

When we got back to the car, sore, tired and happy, we found that while we were there it had snowed probably another 4 inches. It was pretty windy and hard to tell the exact accumulation.

All in all - a GREAT trip up to the mountains. Now, will you pass the heating pad?

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