Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our weekend in Idaho

As promised, here is our Idaho recap...
*edited to add pictures!
We decided a few weeks back to take a long weekend and head to Idaho to visit one of my best friends Cami, and her family. Before leaving we were a bit nervous about the road conditions. A few times over the past couple weeks the mountain passes have been hit with these huge dumpings of snow (especially huge considering it is almost April...). We were over prepared with chains, emergency kit, radios, extra food/water, etc. We got very lucky and didn't have to deal with a bit of it. Both on the drive over on Friday, and home on Monday, the roads were dry or bare/wet. Thank goodness for that!
We had such a good time over there. There was no agenda. We hung out at their new house, played games and watched movies, spent time on the farm, and most importantly we played with baby Lexie. Over the past year Cami and I have been able to get together on 5 different occasions. I don't think we've been able to do that since high school! She is one of my oldest friends and it was great to spend some quality time with such good friends. I miss them already.
Jeremy and Jordan spent most of our first night playing Guitar Hero and trying to be rock stars. Those two with a couple beers and a plastic guitar are hilarious. Though it would probably be wise of the two of them to keep their day jobs... :)

Lexie. I could write for days about Lexie. She is approximately 2 feet of 15 month old adorableness. She is such a good baby. I have been playing with my new fancy camera for a few months now and I got plenty of practice on her this weekend. I probably took almost 150 pictures... I just couldn't stop! Her little grin just melts your heart. She is beautiful, happy and so smart. Cami and Jordan are expecting again and I cannot wait for October!
We tried to go up and do a little snowboarding Sunday morning, but that didn't really work out as planned. With 50+ mph wind (this is just a guess by the way, it was blowing so hard I could hardly open the car door or stand up straight...), and blowing snow; the visability was awful. It was hard to see the road in front of the car. We tried to turn around and ended up slidding off the road and getting stuck (we did pick the right side of the road to slide off though - the other side was a cliff). After about 25minutes of digging a plow came along and so kindly pulled us out. There's a first time for everything! No damage to the car, no one got hurt - it was just a crazy adventure!
The 11 hour drive was definitely worth the visit. We're already starting to talk about our next get together. Besides, an 11 hour drive isn't so bad when you can stop for Sonic along the way... :)

Note: Thanks for the tip Holly! The Sonic Sunrise is de-LISH!

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