Friday, April 17, 2009

My Oh My!

We have always been big Mariner fans, but we are just loving them these days. What a great start to the season. Another win tonight against Detroit! That makes them 8-3... Tied for the best start in 11 games in franchise history. There seems to be some great team chemistry this year. The past handful of years they have had a missing link (weak bullpen, inability to score runs, injuries, you name it), but this year it appears they are solid on all fronts!

Personally, I attribute much of this to the return of my all time favorite Mariner - Griffey. As many of you that know me can attest to, he has been my idol since my first M's game. My grandpa and I shared a mutual love for The Kid since as far back as I can remember (Yes, he is largely the reason my lucky number has been 24 since I was probably 7 or so). During his many moments of greatness, and even during unfortunate injury, he manages to bring a lighthearted spirit to the dugout that really builds up the teams morale. I think that is a lot of what the M's were missing. They've been down for too long. I know that seeing him back in a M's uniform warms my heart and it appears to be doing wonders for the team and other Seattle fans. I sure hope they keep it up and we get to see more of this new and improved Mariner's team. Go M's!

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