Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rental House (Pt II)

Yesterday was the first day we were able to actually get in the rental and check things out. I was really scared. I was having these visions of stained carpets, broken appliances and light fixtures, animal smells (especially since they had a pet for 10 months before we found out and collected a pet deposit..), and other awful and expensive fixes.

Boy were we relieved when we found that the house was completely empty (not even any extra trash for me to throw away!), vacuumed, cleaned (with the exception of dusting), and not smelling of anything resembling wet dog or cat pee. Only some general maintenance is required. Yes, that sound you're hearing is my giant sigh of relief.

Does that mean I am looking forward to about a week of constant manual labor? No. But, it needs to be done and it is worth the investment. At least that's what we keep telling ourselves! Now, if you're really into shoveling gravel/bark or pulling weeds we've got plenty to keep you entertained! I'm fully willing to bribe you with a yummy dinner and an IOU. :)

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