Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's A....

Yes, as you may have seen on Facebook, we are expecting a little baby girl!

Our appointment went very well. She is growing right on time, all of her measurements were excellent. We were able to see tiny baby fingers, toes, and even all four chambers of her little heart. The technician even surprised us and did a few images in 3D! We did not expect that part, and while she's tiny and doesn't have a lot of meat on her bones just yet, it was amazing. To actually get to see a bit of structure in her face - WOW!

Jeremy, being the amazing husband that he is, whisked me straight to the outlet mall and let me pick out her first outfit. It was a bit overwhelming to try and only pick one, so instead of fancy dresses or anything ornate, I went for a cute onesie and little matching pants.

As if the day didn't hold enough excitement - there's more!

I've made it a habit to lay in bed at night and try to have a few quiet minutes and wait for our baby to move. One quite a few occasions Jeremy has tried to patiently lay there, with his hand on my tummy, waiting for little kicks. After yesterdays festivities she was apparently all amped up, squirming and kicking away. Some of them have been so strong that it would startle me and makes me jump! I was on the phone with my good friend Jessica, calling from Hawaii to check on us (our babe is so lucky to have such great aunts and uncles!), while she was just squirming away. Well, Jeremy's patient hand happened to be on point when she let out a particularly strong kick. I jumped and said, "Did you feel that?!" and HE DID! He said it was subtle, but he definitely felt her. It was a special moment and something I'm happy to get to share with him. Thanks for being 'there' to witness it, Jess!

We also believe that we have finally settled on our baby girls name. We knew we liked it, but weren't positive just yet. Once we knew for certain our little peanut was a girl, it just fell into place - like all the best things do. It feels right to us both, and if you've heard tell of our baby name discussions, you'll know that was no easy feat! More on how we landed on her name later.

(Warning - not everyone likes a 3D ultrasound photo, so if you don't want to peek, careful!)

We'd like you to meet, our precious little miracle of a girl, Lillian Josephine.
We may have caught her sucking her thumb! What do you think?


  1. Looks like thumb sucking :-) They also say if you eat a small meal and get comfortable the more you will feel your baby kick :-)

  2. Love the picture! They got a good shot! Sure looks like thumb sucking to me...isn't it amazing?! So happy for you guys!

  3. LOOVE the name! We seriously considered that name as well, but our friend's named their daughter Lily (my name is Josephine). Great name. :) Congrats on your little girl!