Monday, May 7, 2012

26 Weeks

At 26 weeks, Lily is about 1 2/3 pounds and about 14 inches long. This week the nerves in her ears are more developed and is able to hear us as we chat. Her eyes are forming and she has eyelashes now. It won't be long before she's opening them.

We got good news about both our dresser and glider - we should have them both within the week! Also, in the mail this week we received the fabric we'll be using the make most of Lily's crib bedding. Not all of the pieces will go into the bedding, but also a few pillows and other accepts in the room.

I love the colors and patterns we've chosen:

We have the materials now to start making the shelf that will be above the window and we've starting to shop for other shelving and frames. We also purchased a couple prints this weekend from an Australian artist on Etsy. Aren't they adorable? Our Lacey and Harley!
  You can find her site here: Wallfry

Her space is really starting to take shape in our minds and it is exciting to see each piece come together. Not too long from now it will be ready and waiting for her!

We have an appointment this week and are looking forward to a little peek at Lily. She's moving around like crazy now and I am even able to feel her in multiple places at once. Just another wonderful sign that she's filling up the space in there! Only 14 more weeks of growing left before we get to see her sweet face.

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