Monday, May 28, 2012

29 Weeks

This week Lily is about 2 1/2 pounds and about 15 inches long head to heel. She's still working to build up her lungs and her head is getting bigger (hopefully not too big!) to accommodate her growing brain. She is getting bigger and is quite an active little girl! We've been highly entertained watching my belly move while she does her water aerobics.

This weekend I picked up sewing materials to get started on her bedding. I'm hoping the project gets underway very soon. We've also assembled and started painting the shelf that will go above the window (and hold the curtain rods). One more coat of paint and we hope to have it hanging up tomorrow! I even scored a great deal on curtain rods at Ross this weekend. Now if I could just find curtains, or fabric to make them... the hunt continues!

Sleep can be tricky some nights, finding a comfortable position, getting up a couple times a night, and sometimes waking up a bit sore. I am starting to work in more stretching and even a regular date with my lovely heating pad. My good pal Rachel saved my life this week when she gave me a wedge for my belly. The support when I lay on my side makes a world of difference - thanks, Rach! I'm certain it will continue to come in handy as I get bigger.

Here I am at 29 Weeks:
And just for fun, a little comparison:
What a difference!

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