Monday, May 14, 2012

27 Weeks

Wow - 27 weeks! The final week of our second trimester.

Lily is now almost two pounds and should be about 14 1/2 inches long head to toe. She is now opening and closing her eyes, and breathing amniotic fluid. Even her brain is showing increased activity - already working on becoming a genius. While things still need to mature, she is basically a functioning little person! It's amazing to think about all of that happening in my tummy right now...

This last week we shared a new experience - hiccups! While out to dinner one night, I felt the regular rhythm of her tiny hiccups. Had I not been paying attention I may not have noticed, but it was fun to think about. They are very common, can occur multiple times a day, and will get stronger as she gets bigger.

The nursery is really coming along. Wednesday afternoon Lily's dresser was delivered. Jeremy did a great job putting it together and there are already little clothes in the drawers! Also, on Saturday morning we went to Babies R Us first thing and picked up our glider. It is an amazing piece of furniture and I am really looking forward to the hours Jeremy and I will get to spend with Lily in that chair. I already spent an hour in the glider, sitting in the sunshine and snuggled up with a book.

We've now got all of her furniture! We still have shelving to make and install, and definitely some wall decor to figure out, bedding to make and/or purchase... but all in all we're in good shape!

I couldn't possibly finish our weekly update without mentioning Mothers Day. What a special day and a new perspective for me. I have always loved celebrating my own wonderful mama and to be included in those festivities was a real blessing, albeit a bit surreal. :) Jeremy woke me up with sweet card (have I mentioned lately how lucky I am? Good.), had made reservations, and took us all to The Farmhouse - a tasty restaurant about an hour north of us - for breakfast. We stuffed ourselves silly, and did a little antique shopping, before we came home and I got to relax most of the day in the sunshine while Jeremy tackled a few of his projects.

I hope that all of you Moms out there (new moms, veterans, grandmas, those still trying to conceive, expecting moms, step moms, dog mamas, etc) got to enjoy some relaxation this weekend. The weather here was stunning and it made the day all that more special.

Edited to add:
I realized that I didn't have a photo of the glider! It is a cell phone photo, but here it is:

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