Monday, May 21, 2012

28 Weeks

This week starts our third, and final, trimester!

(yes, that noise you hear is me breathing deeply into a paper bag)

Little Lily is weighing in over two pounds now and is almost 15 inches long. She is growing very quickly these days. Her eyesight is continuing to develop and she is even growing eyelashes and eyebrows now. Outside of those finer details, she is just working to pack on the pounds and increase her brain development. All things that are critical for her as a soon-to-be outside baby.

We are both very excited to be starting this next phase of pregnancy. Lily is a constant topic of conversation in our house. Between the little house projects, stocking up to prepare for this new family member, trying to figure out my leave options at work, how to handle introducing her to the dogs, etc.... she's always on our minds. Already this little girl has changed our world. We are so grateful and are not taking a single moment of this for granted.

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend a warehouse sale for baby shoes. I went with my dear pal Rachel and she and I (and by 'she and I', of course I mean our daughters) scored some very very cute shoes:

Just a sampling - baby shoes kill me every time. 

We also spent some quality time with my family on Sunday. My dad was in town and we all got together for lunch and a bonfire. We got to see a few of my uncles I hadn't seen in quite awhile, my mom and sister were there, and most importantly (no offense everyone else!) some good quality time with my grandma. I love a lazy Sunday with nothing better to do than eat watermelon and burgers next to the fire. We shared a thousand laughs, like we always do, and my grandma Shirley gave us this:

She handmade this beautiful blanket for Lily. Yes, I cried when she gave it to me... and I may have again when we got home. I love it so much. It is gorgeous and simply perfect. There have been a few of these overwhelming moments where I feel so blessed and grateful that Lily has such an amazing support system already - this was one of them. Boy are we lucky. We love you Grams, thank you!!

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