Monday, June 11, 2012

31 Weeks

At 31 Weeks little miss Lily is measuring in at approximately a whopping 18 inches and weighing in at about 3 1/2 pounds.

We had our doctors visit on Friday and they will now be taking place every two weeks instead of monthly! Her heart sounded great and Dr. Nicolov said we were both looking great. Yay! He also wrote me a prescription for a prenatal massage to help with some of the aches and pains I've been having. Can't wait to get that on the calendar. My rib (remember when I displaced it a few months back?) has been giving me some trouble and - as it true for most women - my back is getting sore from the strain. Hopefully nothing a chiropractor trip and a massage won't help. All pretty standard stuff (minus the rib part...) so I'll take it!

On Wednesday of last week we also got a chance to tour the hospital. Thankfully I don't have to labor or deliver in a general hospital. Our local hospital has a whole separate complex - the Pavilion for Women and Children. It's a great facility and we are both very comfortable there. Our guide walked us through the check-in process, showed us a few different rooms and in general got us familiar with the process. It was short and sweet, but nice to see none the less. We've already gotten our registration paperwork taken care of and we also signed up to attend a couple classes.

This weekend was a lot of fun. Saturday was pretty relaxing, but with the help of Rachel, I did get started on the crib skirt! The fabric is all cut and starting to be sewn together. I plan to work on what I can throughout the week this week. I'm ready to see it in her room.

Sunday we got to do a bit of relaxing in the morning and then it was off to a wedding! One of my dear friends from high school, Haley, was married at Cama Beach state park on Camano Island. If you've not been there before, I highly recommend it. The park is new (opened in 2008 after the land - formerly a private resort - was donated to the state) and the setting was gorgeous for a wedding. It was great to spend time with our friends. The weather even decided to cooperate so that Haley and Miles could be married on the beach. I am thrilled to see my friend so in love and to a man that clearly adores her above all others. Haley and Miles met while she was serving in the Peace Corp in St. Lucia. Their story is adorable and I love that he's moved here to be with her. Congrats you two!

31 weeks:

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  1. The Pavillion is where I had Rosalie. Such a great place to have a baby :)