Monday, June 4, 2012

30 Weeks

30 Weeks... Three-Zero... Wow!

Here I am:

This week Lily is about 3 pounds and 17 inches long. I am definitely noticing her weight and size. My tummy is getting bigger and by the end of the day I feel the strain in my lower back. Not to mention how funny it is for me to get in and out of bed or a low chair. Jeremy often gets a good chuckle while he lends me a hand in getting up. Speaking of getting up... I'm doing that a lot now as well, since Lily clearly finds it amusing to use my bladder as a soccer ball! Even as things become more cumbersome I wouldn't change a thing. I could not feel more blessed to have this experience. We've waited quite some time for this sweet little girl and she's worth each extra trip to the bathroom. Lol

Our weekend was hugely productive. Jeremy was very sweet and took me to Ikea on a Saturday. His intentions may have been more to provide me with a spending chaperone, but I'll take it! We picked up a floating shelf, rug, sheer curtains, mirror, frames and even an accent table. Quite a score! After a stop at Home Depot, the rest of our day was spent working in Lily's nursery.

Jeremy hung the shelf above the window (which will also hold the rods for the window treatments):

We also got our adorable prints matted, framed, and hung on the wall:

Aren't they adorable?? I love that our pups are in Lily's room.

We put together the end table and topped it with an adorable lamp we found (and an old alarm clock):

And lastly, we hung the floating shelf that will house some books and other treasures:

Our vision is taking shape and it is really starting to come together! It is such a calm space, filled with features we love, and we love spending time in there. The room will translate well for a future kiddo and even a big kid room. Beside the fact it is on the small size (closet too), there isn't a single thing in there I don't love. Okay, maybe the carpet isn't my favorite... but now I'm being picky.
 My happy place.

A couple photos of us just lounging around - but I promise we were working hard! So were our helpers. We have a few more decor pieces to hang and we have bedding, curtains, and a few other accents to add, but I'd call those final touches!

This week we have our appointment, which will now be taking place every two weeks instead of monthly, doing the hospital tour, and taking care of our pre-registration. I imagine that is going to make it feel even more real.

Tick - Tock! Only about 10 weeks left.

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