Monday, June 18, 2012

32 Weeks

Over the next 8 weeks, Lily will gain roughly one-third to half of her body weight - probably about another 4 pounds! She's now sporting toe and finger nails, real hair, and she's even getting smoother skin as she plumps up. I continue to feel and realize the results of her getting bigger. I find myself getting short of breath and even heart burn is popping up more frequently. I've even felt the occasional Braxton Hicks contraction. Thankfully nothing too bad and I am just taking it in stride - it means she's growing!

At our last doctor visit he confirmed she was still head down and would probably (hopefully!!) remain that way until I deliver. The doc walked his hands over my tummy and pointed out the rest of Lily's position. A few times since then it has been really neat to associate her different movements with specific parts of her body. A couple of days ago, while we were relaxing on the couch, I watched her roll a bit and her little butt was sticking straight out of my stomach! We got a good laugh out of that. We both poked, grabbed, and pinched at her little tush.

Baby's got back! Sir Mix-a-Lot would be proud.

This last week I experience another first - my first prenatal massage! I've been having some trouble sleeping, my back aches, my rib was giving me trouble... and boy did I feel like a whole new person after getting that massage. I also got an adjustment with my lovely chiropractor - It did wonders! I was a whole new me. I'm hoping to repeat that process as I need and have my fingers crossed that it will continue to be as successful.

This weekend we had the opportunity to celebrate Jeremy's first Father's Day. While there is some debate as to whether or not expecting parents get to celebrate these days - they do in our house. It isn't huge fan-fair, but I am not going to miss an opportunity to tell Jeremy exactly what he means to us. Saturday was a fun day out and about. We took Jerry (Jeremy's dad) with us to see the King Tut exhibit at the Seattle Center. It was amazing to see such beautiful pieces and a bit bewildering to imagine how long they've been around. We enjoyed a tasty lunch with a round of beers (root beer for me!) at The Ram and then it was home for a little R&R before dinner.

Jerry came up and our good friend Ryan came over and we enjoyed chili and cornbread made in the dutch oven. It was the first time we'd done it this way and OH MAN was it delish! To top the evening off we enjoyed some tasty homemade peanut butter cookies made by yours truly. Sunday was a great day of relaxation. We only left the house to go grocery shopping and otherwise spent most of the day snuggled on the sofa while it rained cats and dogs outside. Thank you to Chris for coming up and helping us finish the leftovers!  

Jeremy, we sure do hope that you enjoyed your first Father's Day. I cannot wait to continue to celebrate them with you over the years to come. You take such amazing care of us. I could not be more grateful to have you in our lives. I'm continually in wonder at the amazing father you've already become and I am so anxious and excited for you to meet your baby girl. 

Here I am, sporting the 32 week belly:

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