Monday, August 6, 2012

39 Weeks

Lily is approximately 7+ pounds and should be around 20 inches long. This week she's compared to the size of a mini watermelon (my fav!). Her outer layer of skin is sloughing off, along with the remaining vernix, and new fresh baby skin is replacing it.

We've had a few contractions the last couple days - nothing we need to be sounding alarms for, it could still be a few weeks before she's here - but it's a nice little start to say things are at least moving in the right direction. My belly continues to get bigger, something I wasn't sure was even possible. Did I mention here the story about the lady in the elevator at the doctors office? If not, basically a complete strangers eyes bugged out as she exclaimed about how huge I was. Even when a woman is obviously pregnant - a damn near at the end - when did it become okay (at any time?!) to comment on a woman's size? For those that don't know or forgot - the answer is never. Ever. Being told you're huge, for whatever the beautiful reason, no bueno. There, I'm glad we got that lesson out. Now go forth and spread the word like gospel.

Physically - this part is hard. I know I've said it a thousand times now, but pregnancy isn't for wusses. Or maybe I'm a bigger weenie than I thought. Overall I've been pretty fortunate, but even with just the 'typical' stuff, it certainly isn't easy! I'm fairly achy most days, my hips especially after sleeping, I've had some days of decent swelling with this hot weather, heartburn, fatigue, etc. Thankfully I've been able to soak in a cool bath and that seems to offer some good relief on these 90 degree days.

Mentally I'm in a pretty good place. I was worried that when I got here I would be pacing up and down the hall, impatience at it's peak, losing my mind because she hadn't arrived yet. Just in case you don't know me at all - I skipped the day they handed out patience, and I've managed not to collect any more of it over the years. But here, I do have to give myself a bit of credit... I'm doing pretty well. I'm certainly ready to be done with pregnancy and to meet our daughter, but I haven't turned into Captain Crazy Pants. Yet.

Jeremy is definitely ready for her to arrive. When we went to sleep last night he laid in bed, rubbed my belly, and was sweetly asking Lily to come out. "I love you, Lily. You can come out now." I love those moments. Almost every time I stretch or groan he gives me a hard time, "Is it time yet??" He's like a kid anticipating the best Christmas morning ever. I absolutely love his enthusiasm. People continue to give him a hard time with the, "Oh, you just wait!" but he really is just as cool as a cucumber. I think his calm and excitement is really what is helping to keep things together for me as well. He's going to be a great daddy.

Our weekly visit with the doc is on Wednesday of this week, so we will continue to keep you posted with any exciting updates!

Tick Tock - the countdown begins!

39 Weeks:
(Final complete nursery photos will be coming next week!)

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  1. I liked to think that the discomfort of pregnancy was what helped me to get over my fear of the birth itself. I didn't care how bad it hurt, only that it would hurt for a finite amount of time and then I would be able to be comfortable again (not to mention hold my baby!). Just a little longer...