Monday, June 25, 2012

33 Weeks

These days Lily is more than likely topping 4lbs. She's keeping her eyes open while she is awake and is even teaching herself to coordinate breathing with sucking and swallowing. She is a very active baby. I can feel her getting stronger each week and have been at the receiving end of quite a few strong karate chops and roundhouse kicks. We've been able to watch her move around through my belly and I feel her move more and more throughout the day.

This week Jeremy and I attended a Newborn Care class. It was pretty basic new-baby maintenance kind of stuff, but we both took a few new things away from it. (Did you know you're not supposed to use baby powder anymore?) There were a lot of people in class and I think Jeremy felt very comforted by the fact that he seemed to have it together well more than most. Some of the other dad's were clearly in a bit of a panic. Jeremy can put on a diaper and swaddle a baby like a champ now!

Our appointment this week went very well. Healthy heart beat for her, good health for me, we're trucking right along with only the expected aches and tiredness.We'll take it!

Sunday was a very special day for me. My first baby shower! My amazing mom and sister threw me a shower for my family. Just a small group of the women in our family to celebrate Lily's upcoming arrival. For quite some time I wasn't ever certain that I would get to have this experience. It was an exceptional day and feels even more special now that it has had some time to sink in. I managed to only cry a couple of times, so I think it was a success!

The ladies in my family spoiled us rotten. Such sweet and thoughtful gifts as homemade blankets and cherished items from Jeremy's childhood, to fun toys, helpful and practical items, and even a few luxuries for me (Brea - that nightgown is AWESOME). Since I was in my early 20's, well before we decided to get married, let alone have babies, I have pined after Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags. I've been to quite a few baby showers over the years and have always admired the functional and gorgeous bag. Thinking it was always something I would indulge in myself. Well guess what? My baby sister is amazing and I am now the proud owner of a PPB bag! I'll admit, I gasped, maybe even swore, and then cried when I saw it. Wow! It's even a print I've never seen before - I wasn't sure that was possible. You did great, baby sister.

I've been a bit overwhelmed with the generosity people have shown us. I am so eternally grateful for all of the tremendous people in our lives. I couldn't be more blessed - I know I've said it at least a dozen times on this blog alone. We are so lucky. It's only a matter of weeks now until this little baby girl comes home with us. We cannot wait. But, for now, I will have to be satisfied with reorganizing her gorgeous new gifts and doing another load of little baby laundry.

This is the good life.

33 Weeks:

Monday, June 18, 2012

32 Weeks

Over the next 8 weeks, Lily will gain roughly one-third to half of her body weight - probably about another 4 pounds! She's now sporting toe and finger nails, real hair, and she's even getting smoother skin as she plumps up. I continue to feel and realize the results of her getting bigger. I find myself getting short of breath and even heart burn is popping up more frequently. I've even felt the occasional Braxton Hicks contraction. Thankfully nothing too bad and I am just taking it in stride - it means she's growing!

At our last doctor visit he confirmed she was still head down and would probably (hopefully!!) remain that way until I deliver. The doc walked his hands over my tummy and pointed out the rest of Lily's position. A few times since then it has been really neat to associate her different movements with specific parts of her body. A couple of days ago, while we were relaxing on the couch, I watched her roll a bit and her little butt was sticking straight out of my stomach! We got a good laugh out of that. We both poked, grabbed, and pinched at her little tush.

Baby's got back! Sir Mix-a-Lot would be proud.

This last week I experience another first - my first prenatal massage! I've been having some trouble sleeping, my back aches, my rib was giving me trouble... and boy did I feel like a whole new person after getting that massage. I also got an adjustment with my lovely chiropractor - It did wonders! I was a whole new me. I'm hoping to repeat that process as I need and have my fingers crossed that it will continue to be as successful.

This weekend we had the opportunity to celebrate Jeremy's first Father's Day. While there is some debate as to whether or not expecting parents get to celebrate these days - they do in our house. It isn't huge fan-fair, but I am not going to miss an opportunity to tell Jeremy exactly what he means to us. Saturday was a fun day out and about. We took Jerry (Jeremy's dad) with us to see the King Tut exhibit at the Seattle Center. It was amazing to see such beautiful pieces and a bit bewildering to imagine how long they've been around. We enjoyed a tasty lunch with a round of beers (root beer for me!) at The Ram and then it was home for a little R&R before dinner.

Jerry came up and our good friend Ryan came over and we enjoyed chili and cornbread made in the dutch oven. It was the first time we'd done it this way and OH MAN was it delish! To top the evening off we enjoyed some tasty homemade peanut butter cookies made by yours truly. Sunday was a great day of relaxation. We only left the house to go grocery shopping and otherwise spent most of the day snuggled on the sofa while it rained cats and dogs outside. Thank you to Chris for coming up and helping us finish the leftovers!  

Jeremy, we sure do hope that you enjoyed your first Father's Day. I cannot wait to continue to celebrate them with you over the years to come. You take such amazing care of us. I could not be more grateful to have you in our lives. I'm continually in wonder at the amazing father you've already become and I am so anxious and excited for you to meet your baby girl. 

Here I am, sporting the 32 week belly:

Monday, June 11, 2012

31 Weeks

At 31 Weeks little miss Lily is measuring in at approximately a whopping 18 inches and weighing in at about 3 1/2 pounds.

We had our doctors visit on Friday and they will now be taking place every two weeks instead of monthly! Her heart sounded great and Dr. Nicolov said we were both looking great. Yay! He also wrote me a prescription for a prenatal massage to help with some of the aches and pains I've been having. Can't wait to get that on the calendar. My rib (remember when I displaced it a few months back?) has been giving me some trouble and - as it true for most women - my back is getting sore from the strain. Hopefully nothing a chiropractor trip and a massage won't help. All pretty standard stuff (minus the rib part...) so I'll take it!

On Wednesday of last week we also got a chance to tour the hospital. Thankfully I don't have to labor or deliver in a general hospital. Our local hospital has a whole separate complex - the Pavilion for Women and Children. It's a great facility and we are both very comfortable there. Our guide walked us through the check-in process, showed us a few different rooms and in general got us familiar with the process. It was short and sweet, but nice to see none the less. We've already gotten our registration paperwork taken care of and we also signed up to attend a couple classes.

This weekend was a lot of fun. Saturday was pretty relaxing, but with the help of Rachel, I did get started on the crib skirt! The fabric is all cut and starting to be sewn together. I plan to work on what I can throughout the week this week. I'm ready to see it in her room.

Sunday we got to do a bit of relaxing in the morning and then it was off to a wedding! One of my dear friends from high school, Haley, was married at Cama Beach state park on Camano Island. If you've not been there before, I highly recommend it. The park is new (opened in 2008 after the land - formerly a private resort - was donated to the state) and the setting was gorgeous for a wedding. It was great to spend time with our friends. The weather even decided to cooperate so that Haley and Miles could be married on the beach. I am thrilled to see my friend so in love and to a man that clearly adores her above all others. Haley and Miles met while she was serving in the Peace Corp in St. Lucia. Their story is adorable and I love that he's moved here to be with her. Congrats you two!

31 weeks:

Monday, June 4, 2012

30 Weeks

30 Weeks... Three-Zero... Wow!

Here I am:

This week Lily is about 3 pounds and 17 inches long. I am definitely noticing her weight and size. My tummy is getting bigger and by the end of the day I feel the strain in my lower back. Not to mention how funny it is for me to get in and out of bed or a low chair. Jeremy often gets a good chuckle while he lends me a hand in getting up. Speaking of getting up... I'm doing that a lot now as well, since Lily clearly finds it amusing to use my bladder as a soccer ball! Even as things become more cumbersome I wouldn't change a thing. I could not feel more blessed to have this experience. We've waited quite some time for this sweet little girl and she's worth each extra trip to the bathroom. Lol

Our weekend was hugely productive. Jeremy was very sweet and took me to Ikea on a Saturday. His intentions may have been more to provide me with a spending chaperone, but I'll take it! We picked up a floating shelf, rug, sheer curtains, mirror, frames and even an accent table. Quite a score! After a stop at Home Depot, the rest of our day was spent working in Lily's nursery.

Jeremy hung the shelf above the window (which will also hold the rods for the window treatments):

We also got our adorable prints matted, framed, and hung on the wall:

Aren't they adorable?? I love that our pups are in Lily's room.

We put together the end table and topped it with an adorable lamp we found (and an old alarm clock):

And lastly, we hung the floating shelf that will house some books and other treasures:

Our vision is taking shape and it is really starting to come together! It is such a calm space, filled with features we love, and we love spending time in there. The room will translate well for a future kiddo and even a big kid room. Beside the fact it is on the small size (closet too), there isn't a single thing in there I don't love. Okay, maybe the carpet isn't my favorite... but now I'm being picky.
 My happy place.

A couple photos of us just lounging around - but I promise we were working hard! So were our helpers. We have a few more decor pieces to hang and we have bedding, curtains, and a few other accents to add, but I'd call those final touches!

This week we have our appointment, which will now be taking place every two weeks instead of monthly, doing the hospital tour, and taking care of our pre-registration. I imagine that is going to make it feel even more real.

Tick - Tock! Only about 10 weeks left.