Wednesday, August 15, 2012

40 Week Doctor's Appointment

Just a short note to keep everyone up to speed on our progress.

We had a good doctors visit yesterday. I did do another internal exam (not nearly as traumatic, but boy those are not fun!) and found that I am over 2cm dilated - last week he said we'd have good progress if I had further dilated 1/2cm or more (I was about 1cm last week), so this is great! - and easily stretched over 3cm. My cervix is 'super soft' and I am about 90% effaced. She is in a good head-down position as well.

Right now I am ready and raring to go for labor. We are just waiting for contractions to pick up and become more regular. With a cervix that is almost entirely effaced, that means that once contractions do become productive, effacement will be out of the way and they'll be all focused on dilating. That's a good thing!

We have scheduled another appointment for next Tuesday. Let's hope to the Gods that we don't need it. Should I still be pregnant at that time, we will do a NST (non-stress test) to look at her fluids, do some monitoring of her heart rate/lungs, and make sure that she remains as happy as a clam. Also, if I'm still pregnant a week from now, Doc would like to schedule the induction. So long as she is healthy and happy, this is something I'd like to avoid - mostly because I just want her to come when she's ready.

The short version of this update - we're still waiting!


  1. I know you know it, but no one can pressure you into an induction if you don't want one. <3 She will be here soon!!!

  2. I've been thinking about you all day! I hope your little girl decided it was time to come out!