Monday, August 13, 2012

Lily's Nursery

Over the past few months you've had an opportunity to see bits and pieces of Lily's nursery as we've worked to pull it all together. From the hours Jerry and Jeremy spent installing the board and batten, to the painting, sewing, and constant reorganization of that small space... it is all done.

We could not be happier with how it turned out. She certainly has the nicest room in our house! It is such a calm place and we love spending time in there. Now we just need Lily to join us.

Here it is!

From the bedroom door

She has a lot of little friends waiting to meet her:

And do not get me started on her closet or her superb collection of clothes:

Her diapers are washed and ready for use:

Our cozy corner is stocked and ready with all that we'll need to spend time with Lily. The iPod (loaded with some good tunes), a support pillow, clock, and of course a good selection of books (housed in a magazine rack/holder that Grandpa Jerry made when he was in school - how cool is that?!).

Folks, I think we're ready. In classic Sarah fashion, I may even be over-prepared. I suppose my Type-A, Virgo, personality could have produced a worse flaw than my need to plan and prepare. We are just too excited to sit still.

We are forever grateful to everyone who helped pull this together. Our parents played a huge part in pulling this off - from shopping, to building, to making sure it had elements of our own childhoods, the handmade blankets and art from family, the amazing books, and our friends and their never ending generosity. There are consignment sale finds, hand-me-downs, designer items, handmade features... The thing I love best about Lily's room is that there really is no theme - it is the eclectic assembly of her whole family - blood or otherwise. We couldn't be more ready for her to love this space, and the people that made it happen, as much as we do.

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  1. Love it!! We didn't do a specific theme either - just lots of pictures and love. :)